What Do Fortune 500 Companies Have That Your Business Lacks?

by: Michael DiMattio on

What Do Fortune 500 Companies Have That Your Business Lacks? Can your company afford not to move and work in 2012? Find out today! What dcgMD is providing a system that will manage your CRM, Sales, Business Administration, all integrated along with your bookkeeping system without knowing how to code.

  • Replace your 10+ systems with 1
  • Save time, money and unnecessary stress - get reports from everything that you do with a click
  • Easily manage and help grow your business - e-mail marketing automated and integrated system
  • Anywhere, anytime - access your business anytime
  • Secure & Supported with a wealth of resources that are available right at your fingertips
  • Content Management - perfect for lawyers, researchers, online business

All of these benefits and you also can use the pages as your website. dcgMD provides designer style website.

Today they are offering a FREE Website - you can check out the backend and the system and see how it works for free. It comes with e-commerce, blogs, forum, about us page, contact form with a simple click. Here's their link: dcgmd.com

Here's Overview of the amazing system:

Quick Site Updates

Update your site quickly and easily. View your website just like your customer would - and actively edit the content as you go. Just point, click and edit your pages, with full access to the HTML code.

Keep It Consistent

With site wide templates, you keep the professional design you pay for, on every page you create or edit. Think of it as a photo frame wrapping around the content you create, keeping the professional look and feel on every page

Make it Social

Don’t let your business be left behind. Create and control an unlimited number of blogs, forums, and RSS feeds. Keep your customers up to date with your business, and keep your business up to date with their ideas and comments

Control Who Sees What

Make any part of your site a Secure Zone, assigning customers unique usernames and passwords. Keep private information secure or sell access to a Secure Zone to customers, on a subscription basis.

Stay Organized

Use Modules to manage announcements, bookings, photo galleries and FAQs, or try the Web App Wizard to create whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination! dcgMD pricing for hosting the system is amazing too. They are offering a lower price structure for the next 3 months. Be sure to take advantage of this system. Look for my next article on how the back end works.

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